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world tour



15th & 16th April
Annadale Hotel, Sydney Australia
17th April Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Support: The Earthmen
20th April
(3 days)
Ebisu Garden, Tokyo Japan
22th April Club Quatro, Nagoya Japan
23rd April Heat Beat, Osaka Japan
25th April Ebisu Garden Hall, Tokyo Japan
??th May
(was 31st March)
VK Club, Brussels Belgium
22nd May
(was 4th April)
Loppen, Copenhagen Denmark
23rd May KB, Malmo Sweden
25th May
(was 2nd April)
Studion, Stockholm Sweden
27th May
(was 30th March)
de Melkweg, Amsterdam
Support: lemming
29th May Atomic Cafe, Munich Germany
30th May Rock in the Park Festival, Nuremberg Germany
31st May (the famous german racetrack?) Festival, Nuremberg Germany
2nd June Logo, Hamburg Germany
3rd June Loft, Berlin Germany

  • Some dates rearranged after gigs were cancelled due to Mark's illness