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album and tour coming soon?

First of all happy new year to everyone - yeah, I've been away for a bit but there's no been too much news to add...apart from the following.

New album:

Jez (from bluetonic.co.uk) reports that, "Mark was on the radio last week and apparently they were due to start recording the 4th album this past Wednesday" (8th January).

Spring UK Tour:

Also reported by various people is an extensive tour in March/April - this is rumoured to span around 50(!) venues including 10 in Scotland (those mentioned included Glasgow Garage, Edinburgh Liquid Rooms, Greenock, Ullapool Seaforth, Aberdeen, Inverness and one on an island, perhaps the Shetlands). Please note that all of this is as of yet unconfirmed....when it is (rumoured to be in February) I'll post more details here.


Finally, it looks like the band's domain name bluetones.com could be in danger of expiring (see details here) - someone from their web hosts has been trying to contact the band to sort this out. If this isn't sorted out then the domain could disappear or be hijacked in which case you could find yourself inadvertently visiting some porn site! Luckily http://www.bluetones.co.uk should still work for the time being...until it expires!