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More Luxembourg Details...

The official mailing list (join up here) has provided more details about the new album - for those of you who're not members the details are:

The Bluetones are to release their fourth studio album, "Luxembourg", on May 12th 2003 through Superior Quality Recordings/ Vital. The album follows the release of the double a-side "Fastboy/ Liquid Lips" on April 21st.

Produced by the band and Gordon Mills at Raezor Studios in Wandsworth, "Luxembourg" was recorded after the release of their Singles album last year. Three years on from "Science and Nature", the new material denotes a radical change in direction for The Bluetones. With a more basic approach to songwriting, Mark Morriss says that the album is "completely different to anything we've ever done before".

Calling in at just under 35 minutes, the ten tracks are stripped down, raw and more immediate than any of their previous work. "Here It Comes Again" is a fast and furious blast to kick off the proceedings, whilst "Never Going Nowhere" is one of the best songs The Bluetones have ever written.

Tracklisting and comments from Mark Morriss;

  • Here It Comes Again: Devo meet The Ramones in Dion's fish and chip shop. A fight ensues. Against the odds Dion wins.
  • Fastboy: In the 60s we had the Velvets "Waiting For My Man", the 70's Clapton's "Cocaine", the 80s "White Lines", the 90s "Ebeneezer Goode" and now for a new century a new song about drugs.
  • Liquid Lips: The band wanted to write a song that would give Sultans of Swing a run for its money as most requested track at Acton Working Man's Club. They still want to.
  • You're No Fun Anymore: What happens when the spark goes out of S&M loving? Are satsumas a valid sex aid? These questions and more answered in just over 3 minutes.
  • Big Problem: Man is reaching a crucial junction in his evolution and The Bluetones are a band horribly aware of this.
  • I Love The City: A song for people who enjoy petrol fumes, litter, over-crowding and very bad smells.
  • Never Going Nowhere: In a world seemingly overfilled with positivity, The Bluetones serve up an awesome double negative.
  • Little Bear: Star-gazing and mortality are the order of the day on this feisty little number. Strap yourself in as the boys let rip on this mini epic.
  • Code Blue: This is not a protest song. Nor is it a call to arms. It is a song about un-channelled idiocy.
  • Turn It Up: If Dante's Inferno were written as a Christmas cracker joke, if The Wizard of OZ were shot on Super 8, if the pyramids were made of Lego then they would be perfect kissing cousins to the album's coda. However...