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Update And Beardy Mark DJ Dates

Alright, alright - enough moaning from you guys! :) As you'll have noticed there's not been a lot of activity on the site for a while - this is 'cos I've been up to my eyes in cardboard boxes and paint as I've been moving house. Luckily the band haven't been up to that much in the time. However, they're currently out on tour at the moment (dates here) - getting mixed reviews (bad and good).

Also, courtesy of Melissa Fehr comes the following news:

Mark is a resident at a new Wednesday night club at the Metro (in London), Down the Rabbit Hole. Eclectic alternative (and oh, was it ever!), and incredibly cheap drink prices (1.50 for lots of spirits & mixers). Anyway, I ended up going along last night, and had a blast dancing and laughing at the hordes of posturing people (there to be seen, dahling), and generally getting pissed. And, shocking for me since I hadn't seen him since March, Mark has grown a full beard, unibomber style. weird.

You can get the full details and see the publicity for the club by visiting the official site's front page (give it a few seconds and some pop-up windows will appear with the info)