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Gig review- Cambridge

A number of people attended the Cambridge gig on 22nd February:

Izzy Mohan said:

Amazing. They were all dressed up as butchers (!) with blood-splattered white coats and stripey aprons (and because Mark's so skinny he looked like a little kid dressed up in clothes too big for him! Aww!) which was bizarre! They played (but not in this order) Zorrro, Bluetonic, Down At The Reservoir, Cut Some Rug, Slight Return, Last of the Navigators, Autophilia, Solomon Bites The Worm, Four Day Weekend, Sleazy Bed Track, Keep The Home Fires Burning, Pretty Ballerina, Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?, and then Bloodbubble, One Speed Gearbox and If... for the encore. It was a great set and they were on top form.

Katie Dobson followed up:

Great gig! Not sure about the butchers outfits (sure I'd prefer firemen!!), but I believe it was glucose fake stuff, well..the way Mark was sucking at his jacket sleeve! Izzy's said the songs, so I don't think there's really much to add. Apart from they were jamming a bit of Ben Folds Five's 'Underground' in the soundcheck. Great song....maybe a b-side?