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Gig Review - Edinburgh

Here is an extract from the blue_army mailing list about the Edinburgh gig (21st February):

Fiona Hunter posted the following:

People, it was awesome....it was pure magic, honest!! Where can I start?!?! I can't remember the whole set list, but they opened with Zorrro, and finished with If..., and somewhere in the middle there was Soloman, 4 Day Weekend, Bluetonic, Autophilia, Last of the Great Navigators, Down at the Reservoir, Are you blue..., One Speed Gearbox, Pretty Ballerina, Slight Return, Cut Some Rug, Sleazy Bed Track, Keep the Home Fires Burning, all the the ones we pretty much expected, with a couple of unexpected ones thrown in too (Blood Bubble and the Minder theme tune!!wicked!!)

High points were a very energetic Cut Some Rug, and surprisingly, Sleazy Bed Track, which turned into a massive singalong. Dress code was smart suits, shirts and ties (no bear costumes - so unfair!!), Scott was in a sling coz he's broken his collarbone. They really sounded ace, Marks vocals just seem to be going from strength to strength, and all credit to Scott for still playing with that collarbone injury (must be helluva sore!). Plus, with the keyboards, they seems to have a lot more depth. The slideshow on the backdrop is worth looking out for, favourites for me were the moon landing stuff during last of the great navigators, and the ski-ing crashes (can't remember what song that was during though)

All in, fab night, best tones performance I've seen, and the liquid rooms was very cosy!!