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In A Blue Vein On Sale

Mik Coates has announced the new issue of IABV is on sale:

Well here it is, after a couple of months hard graft, i've completed the fanzine, when i look at it i think 'wow, tremendous', but i'm incredibly anxious as to the reaction of the blue_army - the people that inspired it. The fanzine is now available and will be limited to 100 copies, so be sure to get in there quick. For UK residents the fanzine will cost 1 + an sae (45p stamp), and for everyone else it will be either a cheque drawn on a british bank account or an international money order (made out to M. Coates) to the price of 3. I apologise sincerely to all ROW residents but i am simply trying to cover costs, and the price of the postage i will have to pay will obviously come to more when sending the fanzine abroad. Please check the features page and the contacts page for information regarding the fanzine and where to send your money, cash is ok but be sure to pack it well.


Mik x

p.s about 20 copies have already been reserved, so you'll have to be double quick, good luck!

p.p.s big thank you's to everyone who sent in stuff for it.