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In A Blue Vein's Slight Return

The original bluetones fanzine, In A Blue Vein is being revived for a one off issue. I have just received the following statement from the person who's running with it Mik Coates:

Although i have had the blessing from superior to call my fanzine 'In A Blue Vein' i must stress it will almost definitely not be up to the high standards of Eds fanzine, particulary as far as reproduction is concerned as i do not have the money to make something so well presented, i will do my upmost best to make it as good as i possibly can, hopefully a decent printer will be available as i wont have to resort to the decent photocopier. It will contain an interview with each of the lads separately(questions compiled from fans and myself), 2 pages of gig reviews, stories and in 1 case drawings(!) - so if you have any reviews of the recent shows please, please, please, send it in - i want to make this for the fans so i want them all to be involved, you help me and i'll help you. Also included will be a recent news section, possibly a bit for an old article from IABV, a blast from the past style thing, and as you know, a bit about the fanbase on the net, with a top of the pops style run-down of the best websites dedicated to the bluetones - so keep up the good work and i promise i will try to produce a fanzine worthy of the blue army - this should be completed in 2 to 3 weeks with a chance for a festival based one this summer (if all goes well) - but don't hold your breath.

I am hoping that the first 100 copies will come complete with acetate wrap and maybe some sort of bluetones sticker or something, whatever superior are willing to donate - i want it to look more than just a crappy old run-of-the-mill fanzine, only time will tell though.

cheers, and if you have any suggestions, comments, reviews or are interested in this fanzine, do not hesitate to contact me.

stay blue
mik x