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Mark vs. The Record Co.

Mark took time in an interview on Virgin Radio (see the interview section) to complain about the lack of support for the last album from Mercury Records. He said that the band were originally singed to A&M and when they folded Mercury took ownership of them, a little reluctantly. Due to this the album's release was very low key as the record company didn't expect it to do very well - he even revealed that there was no money for producing posters! Mark said he sometimes thinks it'd be better if Mercury dropped them as they're being held back on many things they want to do because of the record company's commercial aims.

He hinted that they were thinking of releasing a new single on the internet for the benefit of the fans and that he had missed his visits to the message board on the official site.

The interview is very interesting so give it a listen - it lasts about 13 minutes - Mark talks about the future of the band, the tour of Japan and the politics of the record company amongst other things.