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Tour Update

The band have said that the new album "Science and Nature" will be released in May - this confirms with the second tour mentioned on the recent AOL chat. Apparently there will be dates in Belfast and Dublin but these have still to be confirmed!

While I'm on about tours, the support for the London gig on Friday 25th Febraury has been confirmed as the Lazybirds.


The B-sides for the "Keep The Home Fires Burning" single will be:

  • CD1: "Keep The Home Fires Burning", "Armageddon (outta here)" featuring Matt Lucas, "The Favourite Son"
  • CD2: "Keep The Home Fires Burning", "Be Careful What You Dream", "Please Stop Talking", "Keep The Home Fires Burning" (enhanced video)
  • Cassette: "Keep The Home Fires Burning", "Please Stop Talking"

So this means it'll be the lad's first 2 CD rip off...I mean release - I suppose they have to pay the bills some way! You may be asking just who is that Matt Lucas? He's famous (in the UK at least) as George Dawes of Vic & Bob fame and the Cadbury's Creme Egg bloke. He spent some time with the band at Sawmills Studio in Cornwall when they were recording the new album.

In Store Appearances

The Bluetones have released dates for a number of in-store appearances in the UK.

  • Glasgow Virgin, 1-2.30pm (February 21)
  • Cambridge Jays, 1-2.30pm (February 22)
  • Bristol Virgin, 1-2.30pm (February 23)
  • London Piccadilly Virgin, 5.30-7pm (February 24)
  • Sheffield Record Collector, 2.30-4.30pm (February 27