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Choose Your Favourite Setlist!

The official web site has now published the form to let you vote for the tracks you want the band to play on their forthcoming UK tour. As mentioned before the ten most requested songs will be played by the band as part of their set list.

You can vote from here:


The instructions on the pages say you get to vote for three songs from The Bluetones back catalogue (album tracks , singles , B sides) and voting finishes 5th October. You have to give an e-mail address to stop people voting more than once (erm, that's not going to stop people is it!).

However, for some strange reason even though you can only vote for three tracks you are given space to enter ten song....hmmm, another lovely feature of the official site, a bit like the join the mailing list option which has never worked. Makes you wonder if the site's designers ever test anything before release!