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Lads To Go Solo

This weeks NME features a story about the band going solo...but don't worry, it's not the end of the band. Instead, one the same day next summer each of the lads plan to issue a limited-edition solo album (around 500 copies only available through the band's web site).

Speaking to NME exclusively (must be 'cos they treat the band so well!), Scott said, "Next summer we're all going to release limited solo albums, with each other guesting on each other's solo album, and we're going to release them on the same day, about 500 copies each and put it out through the record company website shop. It gives us the freedom to do things like that. We're going to try and keep each one as different as we can. I haven't really started planning it just yet, but I'm probably going to keep mine fairly instrumental, with just bursts of poetry or something. I might get a few people to guest on it - some of Mark's friends that do television and stuff."