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Hit Me Baby, One More Time?

The following announcement was sent out on the band's press list.

The Bluetones started recording their third album for Superior Quality Recordings on May 3rd. They are recording three of the eighteen songs that they’ve demoed, with Edwyn Collins producing, at the famed WestHeath Yard Studios.

The Bluetones recently played an impromptu gig - in the wilds of the Lake District. They were at the birthday of Paul "Chumpy" Knowles (their production manager) in Monroes Bar, Workington, Cumbria. The set included cover versions of Dennis Waterman’s theme from Minder "I Could Be So Good For You", Britney Spears’ "One More Time" and "Psychotic Reaction" by The Count Five. They also played three new Bluetones’ songs, aired at their sellout Astoria show "Blood Bubble", "It’s A Boy" and "Tiger Lilly" as well as old tones faves like "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?". A top night was had by all.

Bluetones Newsgroup

A newsnet newsgroup (alt.music.bluetones) has been created to allow everyone to chat about The Bluetones from their newsreader. This is available on some Internet Service Providers already. If it's not on your ISP then ask them to add it so you can support the new newsgroup!

For those of you without newgroup access you can view the group from DejaNews.

Bluetones Live Chat!

Matt Falcus who runs the Broken Starr... 'tones web site has installed a Java based chatboard. This allows fans to talk in real-time with anyone who's logged onto the chatboard! To give it a whirl follow this link.

SQR Website!

The lad's record label, Superior Quality Recordings (SQR), have set up their own web site. This can be found at http://www.superiorqualityrecordings.co.uk. From here you can buy all of the band's SQR backcatalogue, posters and T-shirts as well as sample sounds from other SQR bands! It also has a mad pig theme - nice one!

Eds' Sprog!

I forgot to mention this until now. Eds' wife Zazie gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday 13th March, exactly nine months after their wedding day! The new kid's been named Benjamin Annakin Chesters (huge nod to Star Wars!)