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Mondo Concerto finally out

The Bluetones video "Mondo Concerto" is now available in the shops. It features the videos to the following singles: Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?, Bluetonic, Slight Return, Cut Some Rug, Marblehead Johnson. Also there is live footage from Camden's "The Roundhouse" (recorded in December 1996) and the making of the infamous Marblehead Johnson video (showing the lads being made fat).

Slightly interesting note: One of the producers of the Bluetonic and Marblehead Johnson videos, Nick Goffey, is the brother of Danny (Supergrass' drummer) and son of Chris (of Top Gear fame).

Mailing list update!

The Blue Army mailing list has been changed recently as a result in the increase of volume of messages being sent. A new list "blue_army_social" has been set up to allow people to post on any topic (even non-Bluetones) so that fans who only want to read Bluetones specific stuff can subscribe to the original "blue_army" list. Full details can be found on the mailing list page.