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Album Tracklist, Deleted Video and Stuff

The band will appear on Chris Evan's T.F.I. Friday this week (5th Feb) so remeber to set the videos.

The video "Mondo Concerto" has been deleted from official release and the release date has been put back. When I hear of the new release date I'll add it to the pages. Some people (mainly in the London area) have managed to get copies so there may be some left in circulation.

The tracks on the album will be as follows:

Return To The Last Chance Saloon

  1. Tone Blooze
  2. Unpainted Arizona
  3. Solomon Bites The Worm
  4. UTA
  5. 4-Day Weekend
  6. Sleazy Bed Track
  7. If...
  8. The Jub-Jub Bird
  9. Sky Will Fall
  10. Ames
  11. Down At The Reservoir
  12. Heard You Were Dead
  13. Broken Starr