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Baden-Baden gig details

The lads will be playing on 19th September at 18.00 CET at TV-Studio 5 of German radio station SWF3 (Suedwestfunk) in Baden-Baden as part of the NEW POP FESTIVAL: an event which has in the past featured a number of artists who've gone on to much greater things! The station book new bands (at least new to the German listener) to be part of the event which features 10 bands playing on 5 stages in 3 days. Check out the SWF3 pages for more info.

New single details

The Bluetones will release their new single on 16th September. It will be called "Marblehead Johnson" (note that this single will not be called Watchspring as previously thought) and the CD (at least) will feature two new tracks, "The Simple Things" and "Nifkins Bridge". After huge demand from fans who missed out first time around the band are including their first commercially available single "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind" as the final B-side.

Details from the NME