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Interview 10"/CD

An interview will be released in the US I think, here's the details I've been sent:

            Bluetones Interview 10" $9.99
            On blue marbled vinyl
            Interview CD $10.99
            Limited to 500 copies
            Release Date: 22-Jul-96

Thanks to Josh (lkruter@usa.pipeline.com) for this info

Why the 'tones will never make it in the US

It's been brought to my attention that Bill Gates of Microsoft has madeit his number one aim to avoid The Bluetones hitting the big time in thestates. He's had Windows '95 written so that inserting "Expecting To Fly"into your CD-Rom and letting "autoplay" try to play it results in thewhole system hangs!!

Anyone care to work out why this is?

Thanks to Steve (steve@rokunrol.demon.co.uk) for this info